Karey’s Corner


Finding the inspiration for better health

My inspiration to become a Functional Nutritional Therapist was born from the need to help myself and my family heal our bodies so that we could enjoy living a healthy and productive life. Read more about my story here. Through the Nutritional Therapy Association and my many peers, I have been able to obtain a wealth of knowledge. The holistic community is a growing population of curious, loving minds and hearts. Without the constant support of these health professionals, it would be almost impossible for me to be where I am today. 

My mission is to give you the power to transform your health, live intuitively, become aware of your body, and begin to heal with a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet. I can offer you a personal approach to wellness built on your own bio-individuality and an honest approach to contemporary research. It is an honor for me to help guide you on your path to healing and recovery.  


  • $85 an hour for private nutritional consultations. 
  • $120 an hour for the “Kitchen Pantry Clean-up,” an in-home consultation supporting your choice to make nutritional advances to improve your health.
  • $100 for a “Guiltless Grocery Adventure,” a customized trip to your favorite grocery store. First, we’ll read labels and get real with the ingredients. Then we’ll explore the produce department and discover all the flavors it has to offer. 

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