How Do I Know? I’ve Lived It!

No, self-honesty isn’t easy, no matter if we’re talking about our physical health, our emotional and mental well-being, or our spiritual journey. However, if I’d never chosen to get brutally honest with myself, I literally would not be living today, nor would I have been able to change the direction of my life and the lives of those I care for as a physician.

Unfortunately, it took me over thirty years to uncover the underlying issue that had been brewing within me and driving my choices since the sixth grade. The truth was going to hurt and—like so many other people—my brain just wouldn’t let me face that hurt.

After years of trying to find myself—acting and modeling in high school, pretending to be a rock star during an off and on again college career, and embarking on a road trip to Los Angeles with three hundred bucks in my pocket, which led to months of homelessness and a humbling return home—I finally completed college and medical school. Soon I was married to the woman I adored, had six kids, and what I thought was the perfect life. Then one night I came home from work to a note on the counter that simply read, “Took the kids and left.”

That note, that moment, is what I thought started my tailspin, and I began to fall farther and farther from the life I wanted. What could have gone wrong?

Family gone and deeply struggling for a purpose, I tried every comfort measure available, but nothing ‘fixed’ the intense pain I was feeling every moment of every day. I had to get to the bottom of what went wrong. When did the train start veering off the track?


Finally, after years of counseling and trying to reconcile with my estranged wife, after binging on every unhealthy coping mechanism I could think of and having nothing make any difference, the lightbulb went on.

In order to change my life and get to a healthier me, I had to start with my head and change my focus from what choices I was making to why I was making them in the first place. I had to get brutally honest with myself and what was driving my choices in order to understand how to live differently.


I had to get very honest about the one thing I had been trying to avoid for decades . . . my insecurities. Despite reading one self-help book after another, as well as nearly every relationship book I could get my hands on, nothing really hit the nail on the head. Nothing addressed the core problem: my low self-value.

It wasn’t until I devised my own approach and tools to master the root issue that I began to have real change and genuine contentment with my life, regardless of past struggles and those that creep up on me today. And you can experience that change too.


Whether you’re like I was—scratching and clawing your way back from the depths of disparity—or maybe you simply find yourself searching for that something that’s missing, I have your answer.

  • Maybe you’re not content with your physical health or your weight, but despite all efforts you haven’t seen any real change.
  • Maybe you’re not content with the relationships you have, but you aren’t sure how to improve them.
  • Maybe you’re not content with how you earn a living, but you fear making a change.
  • Maybe you’d love to have the courage to make different choices, but you’ve become a victim of habit.

My Live Your Value approach will address and help correct whatever area of your life is incongruent with your hopes and expectations. After all, it’s the choices we make that affect each and every part of our existence.

My approach will not only get you thinking differently but, more importantly, set you on the path of living your life differently, one choice at a time. I’ll show you how to do you, only better. It may not be easy, it may not be pretty, but it will be effective.       

So, welcome to my blog. I hope you find it both educational and inspirational. Most importantly, I hope you, too, can use my work to learn how to live your value, one choice at a time. 


Dr. D




To empower every person to live their value one choice at a time.

To help others move from the life they have, to the life they want to have, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

To resolve the cognitive dissonance that keeps many of us from making better choices and living our values.


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