Perhaps it was just a day – just a moment.
But for me, it was a pivotal moment that reinforced my true purpose while simultaneously forcing me to question my current priorities.

For at that moment, my father and I found ourselves in the intensive care unit talking about his death. “Dad, if we remove the mask today, you will die in hours, if we don’t, you will die in days.”
I remember that Saturday. It was a Saturday I had never had or will ever have again. As a tear rolled down his face and he waved goodbye, he chose to live another day.
Sunday came and with it another discussion, another question. Keep the mask or remove it?
After informing him of the inevitable outcome, that Sunday he chose to remove the mask. That Sunday, he chose to accept life for what it was. That Sunday, he chose to see God face to face.
In that moment, that pivotal moment as he laid dying, unable to speak, he continued to teach showing me that the greatest purpose of my life had very little to do with money, fame or fortune, beauty or sex appeal, power and prestige.

For many I’m sure, the moment that my dad and family had that weekend was just another moment. But, for me, it was a pivotal moment – a moment my dying dad reinforced the value of connection and love, of relationships and family.
Interesting how much insight we can gain from sharing in a new birth, from sharing in a death.

It reminds me of another moment in time when a man’s death inspired change. To all those celebrating life after life today, happy resurrection day. Happy resurrection Dad.

-Dr. D

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