Will you love me when I am old?
If my clothes don’t fit or I walk too slow?
And will you love me if my income is less?
If I’m not that wealthy, would you love yet regret?

And will you show love when I make a mistake?
When I say or do things and your heart starts to ache?
And will you still love me when I need you to be,
Understanding and forgiving for me being me?

And will you stay when we don’t agree?
When the days aren’t always what you thought they would be?
And will you be kind, giving, and sweet,
When life gets too much for either you or me?

I guess the one thing I’d like to know,
If my clothes didn’t fit or I walked to slow,
If I needed your help to eat or to dress,
If I failed at times at being my best,
If the money wasn’t what you thought it’d be,
If our words or actions made love hard to see,
Would you still love and would you still stay,
Would you be the woman standing next to my grave?


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