What does it mean to be a philanthropist?

Let me start with a story:

I remember when I was renting a bedroom for 500 dollars a month. It actually wasn’t all that long ago. I had lost everything. I had 300 dollars to my name and that first month, I couldn’t even pay the rent without going to my employer and asking for more money. It was an interesting time.

I remember when fifty dollars meant gas for a week for my Suburban so I could drive to work.

I remember when 100 dollars meant being able to pay the month’s rent for my room.

I remember the day when someone would buy me some groceries. I remember what it was like to need help and receive it.


There were a few people who did more than just call. They did more than just send words of encouragement and empathy with my situation. There were people who actually DID something . . . they showed their understanding and care through action.

It’s crazy really.  We never really know what people need unless we ask, encourage them to be honest, and listen.

Be a Philanthropist

We pass one another, some that we know, some that we don’t. But, how often do we pass each other without truly knowing who needs what? Yes, we all know those that are homeless living in shelters or centers for the abused. We know there are children bouncing from one foster home to another who need our help. But what about those we know who are hiding their struggles well—those who smile and look and respond with the proverbial, “I’m fine.”

If we are someone that is reluctant to ask for help or, on the other hand, someone who finds it difficult to help someone else, maybe we are missing an opportunity—an opportunity to show our own vulnerability, an opportunity to show care, concern, and love.

Remember, today and every day, live your value and help others live theirs one choice at a time.

-Dr. D


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