Waking up Sunday morning, I decided to stay in bed and enjoy the freedom of not having to be anywhere. Relaxed but awake, I thought about the upcoming week. Like most weeks, it would be the usual routine—an early morning alarm, preparing myself for the day, working, and then back home again.

But. . . the next week was going to be special. It would be Christmas, and, like many others who celebrate it, I would be surrounded by family, by love.

As I thought about the upcoming journey home and seeing my family again, I pulled the covers up to my chin, took a sip of coffee, closed my eyes, and began to paint my Christmas vision. The more detailed the image in my mind became, the more anxious I grew for the moment to arrive. My heart smiled with the warmth it was feeling.

Unwrap Gratitude & Love

There really is nothing like Christmas and all that goes into it—the people, the decorations, the dinner, and even the gifts under the tree.

But despite all the festivities that would soon be here, I couldn’t help but appreciate that they are all more than they appear. After all, behind everything I will experience, no matter how great or how small, these things will be accomplished through another person’s time and energy. Be it. . .

  • the hours worked to pay for all that I will enjoy.
  • the time and effort in preparing a meal or picking out the gifts.
  • the consideration of wrapping something just for me.
  • making time together a priority.

But then again how is that different than any other interaction I have with people throughout the year? After all, regardless of what we as people do for one another, anything and everything we do takes our time and energy, and as such, a piece of ourselves.

So, whether it is a kind word, a listening ear, help with solving a problem, opening a door, paying for a meal, growing healthy together, or even a soft touch, hug, or kiss. . . isn’t every day a day that we are exchanging gifts?

This Christmas, as you find yourselves with family and friends, smile knowing that you are exchanging the best gifts of all with one another—your value and the value of those near and dear.