Do we really care and what do we care most about? Sometimes this can be a difficult dilemma and when we want to talk about health and contentment, it becomes the ultimate question.

Be it our weight, our blood sugar, our blood pressure, our arthritis, our looks, our finances, or even our relationships…how much do we really care?
I know at times, you might think that small decisions don’t mean a lot. But trust me, something as simple as buying a plant may just give you added hope. Remember, our choices today impact our choices tomorrow

What I love about health and contentment is that they are one in the same. How do I know this? I’ve lived it. And, to a degree, I continue to live it. Take a look at the photo I’ve added. Yes, this is my apartment and at first glance, you might ask, what’s significant?

A simple answer, to me, the mulch and plants.

The real answer…acceptance and caring.

I have to say, at my age and being a doctor, I never imagined I would find myself living in an apartment. After all, it’s not like I’m living in downtown Manhatten or L.A.and living in apartment at my age and with my income is status quo.
So, at times, I can’t help but ask myself…why am I here? Why I am I living like this?
Well, regardless if it has to do with health, finances, relationships, perhaps you have found yourself asking this same question.

Today, I want to offer a thought.

For the first time in about a year, I have opted to care about something more than my job as a physician, my patients, and my children. For the first time in almost a year, I have opted to care about myself. Today, I opted to #LiveMyValue and do something just for me…mulch and plants.

Simple to many, a step for me.

You see, #LiveYourValue is a journey…it’s a mantra for life. It is my focus and the life I encourage others to live.

So, for others, maybe it’s just mulch and potted plants, but for me it’s #LiveYourValue. For me, it was one more thing I did for myself that made my less than desired reality move closer to the reality I expect. And, that is #LiveYourValue. That is how we all become healthier, both in mind, body, and spirit.

The message I want to pass on is this…no matter how big or how small your step might be, the most important thing about any step you take is that it moves you closer to living your value as an individual. After all, the more we live our value, the more content we will be and the more content we are, the healthier our choices…the healthier our bodies. Maybe your step is finally taking action to lose weight, maybe it’s opting to put fifty dollars in savings, maybe it’s standing up for yourself in a relationship, or, maybe it’s as simple as mulch and plants.

But, trust me, taking any step that moves you closer to contentment WILL inspire you to take other steps. Before you know it, you will have achieved the goal you set.
Remember, hard to be healthy if not happy and hard to be happy if not healthy.

Maybe it is just mulch and potted plants. But, for me it’s one step closer – it’s one action that proves I care more than I did a year ago. This is how I want you to think about every choice you make. With every choice, ask yourself, does it prove I care or not? Do your choices strengthen your value or break it down?

Remember, today and every day, live your value one choice at a time.

Dr. D

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