Success is usually measured on a personal scale; we each have our own goals and dreams to aspire to reach. Being successful with health and nutrition is no different. Setting goals for living a healthier life is just as personal. Being successful, reaching set goals, and having a sense of accomplishment are wonderful feelings. This is usually how you feel in the first 60 days of a new diet or weight-loss plan. You are excited to get started, you have planned a schedule around getting daily exercise, and you start eating the food that supports your body to reach your goals. You may receive lots of compliments, which helps keep you on track. The trick is to stay on track by making changes that are sustainable.

Sometimes things do not go as planned and we get off track, miss a workout, give in to tempting foods, or have a bad day or even a tough week. We are all human and have moments of weakness. The important thing that we don’t dwell on these moments and instead focus more energy on making a positive shift. So if you’ve lost sight of your goals or given up, here are 5 ways to get your diet back on track.

How to Get Your Diet Back on Track After a Setback

  1. Don’t let one setback ruin reaching your goals. Get right back into your routine as soon as possible. Look back on the first week of your journey and revisit your “why,” the reason you were determined to make these changes. Take another look at the list of foods you began to incorporate and make a plate of delicious and colorful food.
  2. It may be necessary to clean out your kitchen pantry and refrigerator to remove unsupportive foods that could trigger a relapse such as processed grains and sugar from snack foods. Keeping your fridge and pantry stocked with whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, fresh meat or other protein options, and healthy fats helps ensure your success.
  3. If you want to feel your best, be sure to get physical activity every day. Taking a walk, gentle stretching, or participating in a sport are great ways to incorporate movement. Physical activity is not only good for your body but also your state mind because it increases our feel-good endorphins and thus our chance for success.
  4. You may also find it beneficial to keep a food and mood journal through this time as well, prioritizing your new health and nutrition habits. Documenting how the food you are eating makes you feel throughout the day. Keeping track of your success will only lead you to achieve more goals and set new ones along the way. Finally, if you find that you continue to struggle, please reach out for support. Check in with a friend or family member who agreed to help you along the way. A few coaching sessions, private or with a group, could provide you with a place to ask questions, share ideas, and get the advice you are looking for.

When you find yourself off track just remember you are not alone. Focus your attention on your next positive move. No one is perfect, so don’t let one bad day keep you from achieving your goals. Just remember to Live Your Value, one choice at a time!