Never Let The Extraordinary Be Ordinary
Another cornerstone of #LiveYourValue

“You never know what you have until it is gone.”

Whether we care to admit it or not, unfortunately, chances are, the vast majority of us, at some point in time, have lived this reality in at least a few facets of our lives. Regretfully, I am no exception. Years ago, I had many times in which I failed to fully appreciate the extraordinary of my everyday, ordinary life. Clearly, it’s this awareness, this awakening that becomes the silver lining of losing everything, and, subsequently, of rebuilding an even better, and more grateful life than the one once lived.

After several months had passed, I was finally able to live one of my most cherished extraordinary ordinaries – time with my children. Ok, perhaps, they’re exactly all children anymore, but for me, I will always remember them as they were when I was with them full time – before the separation, before the divorce.

The most magical reality of missing someone, or something, is being able to live it again.

Think about it for a moment if you will. How many times do we make the extraordinary ordinary? Extraordinary things in life such as….

  • our body and health
  • our job
  • our spouse
  • our children
  • our parents
  • our siblings
  • our extended family
  • our friends
  • our talents and hobbies
  • the clothes on our back
  • the roof over our heads
  • the food on the table
  • the warm, or cool air that blows through the vents
  • the lights, the plumbing, and even the cars

Every single one of these, in and of themselves, are truly extraordinary.

And, that’s with each of them, standing alone without mentioning anything about the beauty of honesty, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, trust, love, passion, gratitude, working through a crisis, or, a continued pursuit of joy and self-improvement that is often enmeshed within them.

Now, clearly, life can have its challenges. However, perhaps if we spent more time appreciating that what we actually have in front of us is extraordinary, then everyday would be a day of thanksgiving. Everyday would be a day of #LiveYourValue.

Remember, today and everyday, live your value one choice at a time. After all, you are extraordinary and this world would not be the same without you in it.