Author: Drew Huffman

It Can Start With Something Small

To care or not care. Sometimes it can be a difficult dilemma.
This really does become the ultimate question. Be it our weight, our blood sugar, our blood pressure, our arthritis, our looks, our finances, or even our relationships…how much do we really care? Allow me to show you have even small choices can make a difference.

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Will You? Would You?

Will you love me when I am old? If my clothes don’t fit or I walk too slow? And will you love me if my income is less? If I’m not that wealthy, would you love yet regret? And will you show love when I make a mistake? When I say...

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Common Causes for Common Complaints

A quick review of very common complaints and the most common causes that produce them. Rarely, do we have ONE thing causing our joint pain, muscle pain, numbness and tingling and fatigue. Hopefully, this review will help you and your health care provider move you towards less discomfort, improved health and greater contentment.

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