Moving a little slower than you’d like this morning? Struggling to focus on your work or even to get out of bed?

Not surprisingly, Monday mornings always seem to be the hardest to get back into the flow of the weekday routine. I guess it’s due to what can be a challenging reality: Re-Entry. You know, moving from one mindset to another, one priority to another, one task to another. In other words, redefining one’s focus.


So as every time you start a new week, remember this. . . 

If you’re struggling with re-entry, with redefining what your focus needs to be today as compared to what it was during the weekend, you’re not alone. Thankfully we’re not defined by how hard our re-entries are but in how we choose to face them.

The most impressive thing about having another day is that WE ARE THE ONES who get to define what this day, this week, this life means to us . . . what WE mean to US. We are the ones who make our re-entry into the world around us mean something.

No, we can’t control everything.
Yes, we will have some disappointments.
Yes, there will be days when we hurt more than others.

BUT, there are also days we accomplish what we set out to do.
There are days we are more up than down.
There are days we hurt less.

What we CAN control is whether we choose to wallow in badness, or make those choices we need to make to dig our way out of it.

WE CAN choose to redefine parts (or all) of our lives through the choices we make . . . and very often this WILL influence HOW well we re-enter and define our day, our week, and our lives.

Remember today and every day: live your value one choice at a time.


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