Another mini milestone for ‘Live YourValue’ ….meeting with my editor, Julianne, for the first time.

As she let me know, “…this isn’t going to be easy,” I couldn’t help but think, well, it’s going to be easier than if we didn’t try at all.

Ya know, it’s hard to make choices to change our reality if we don’t even know what we would change first.

So, time for you to share ?

What’s YOUR dream?

Improved health?
A different job or career?
Weight loss? More energy?
Improved muscle strength?
Give up a bad habit once and for all?
A better relationship?

…or maybe it’s just to learn how to be ‘ok’ with ‘ok’.

Well, know this…if I can do it, you can too. All it takes is to live your value (…your dream) one choice at a time.