Roll bath towels or fold them?

Do you fold the towels this way or that way?

Do you put the clean sheets on the bed before or after the pillowcases?

Do you brush your teeth before or after you put on pajamas?

Do you always do the same exercise routine?

Do you always shop at the same stores?

Chances are, whichever way you do things, you do the same thing time after time.

We Are Creatures of Habit

I think we all do.  After all, we are creatures of habit. But, maybe it’s time we throw a little spice in our lives. Maybe it’s time to make a change.

Remember, the more we do something, the more we do the same something. Obviously that can be good or bad depending on the something that we keep doing. Personally, I’ve done the same something with both—healthy and unhealthy. Things that were better for me and my sense and value, and things that weren’t. Regardless of which I did, unless I consciously thought about the choices I was making day in and day out, it didn’t matter which path I was going down, I stayed on course doing the SAME something . . . over and over and over.

So, maybe it’s time look at the same somethings that you do and ask yourself, “Is it time for a change?” Here are just some examples of the choices that you might need to make in order to break free from the Same Something Cycle.

10 Choices To Break The Same Something Cycle

  1. Eat a healthier meal once a week
  2. Do a little something physical—exercise once a week
  3. Order water instead of alcohol
  4. Treat yourself to a weekend get-a-way and go
  5. Buy something nice for yourself
  6. Judge others as hard as you judge yourself
  7. Be a little selfish rather than over-giving
  8. Self-build rather than self-deprecate
  9. Work to improve self-discipline
  10. Look to yourself to improve your reality

OR . . . Break the Same Something Cycle Like This:

  1. Eat the hamburger and chips at the cookout instead of being the only person to request a salad
  2. Be okay with taking a day off from the gym
  3. Order alcohol instead of water
  4. Slow down and spend a weekend alone
  5. Buy something less expensive as opposed to more expensive
  6. Choose empathy over judgment
  7. Be more giving and every now and again and compromise on your agenda
  8. Build up someone with a compliment or an act of kindness
  9. Introduce spontaneity and passion into choice rather than always focusing on what the best or right choice is
  10. Ask for help


The point is: Everyone’s Same Something Cycle is a little different—so figure out your cycle and come up with your own list for breaking out of it!

Get Out of the Rut!

There’s a reason that we can find ourselves stuck in a rut. And regardless of the road we are traveling—struggling to accomplish any goals, or so busy that we don’t feel like we have time to live—if we don’t venture off the path we have beaten down every now and again, we will eventually lose passion. On one hand, if we feel as though our lives are nothing like what we had hoped, we will grow apathetic and dull. On the other hand, if our agenda is solely dedicated to creating the image of a perfect person and life, we will grow insensitive and dull. Either way, over time, we lose our uniqueness as an individual and with it, our genuine sense of self-value.

So, if you are like I have been and find yourself doing the same something, spend some time with self-reflection and genuine self-honesty. Whether there are things that you are struggling to get done, you find yourself chained to an agenda, or maybe you’re even undecided on which camp you have set up your tent, maybe it’s time to introduce a little change. Maybe it’s time to break the Same Something Cycle.

Remember, today and every day, live your value one choice at a time. Go ahead. Do something different today and see how it feels

-Dr. D