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The interaction that we have as patients with our health care providers is a relationship. It’s really no different than the relationships we have with our friends, our family, our significant others and even ourselves. It all comes down to being honest and direct. This should hold true for both, the patient and the health care provider alike. Let me show you how we can achieve the goal.

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Want To Improve Your Health & Contentment? Prioritize Your Value

Another day of seeing my body in the mirror. Another day, of seeing the weight I’ve gained.
Another day of wanting something a little different, but, lacking the discipline, time, and energy to make it happen.
And, as I stumble along with my human nature, more times that not I find myself focusing on what I’m not doing as opposed to what I am, on what I haven’t accomplished, as opposed to what I have.
Sound familiar? Let’s talk.

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