I was driving to work the other day reflecting a bit on #LiveYourValue and, in particular, what truly motivates us to change. After all, there are only three core facets of our lives that we as people focus our energy on—our health, our money, or our relationships.

Then it hit me: PASSION!

We invest and value what we are most passionate about.
My mind raced about as I thought of myself and others who are or have struggled with health, finances, or relationships.
It’s funny really. How often two of them will fade further out of sight as one takes center stage. After all, if my relationship is in trouble, inevitably, the passion I have for the others will diminish. The same is true for the others as well. If I am struggling with finances, chances are, the passion I for my health and my relationships will be less than what it should be, and, in time, I will find myself “missing” something once again.
Perhaps, the one thing we are all looking for the most is passion for ourselves. Truly, if our hearts do not feel passion for the person looking back at us in the mirror, it will be a challenge to find passion in people or things outside of ourselves.

So, how to keep passion?

  1. Prioritize and define it every morning
  2. Remain mindful of the choices you are making
  3. Do one action every day that supports your top three passions
  4. Receive one thing in return every day from your top three passions
  5. Examine if you accomplished 1-4 every night before you sleep

Two things I have learned through my years as a physician:

  1. It’s hard to be passionate about something outside of ourselves if we are not passionate about ourselves.
  2. Today may be the last day we have to express it to ourselves or others.
Remember, today and every day, like your value one choice at a time. This world would not be the same without you in it.