For many, it’s just a bridge. But for me, given my fear of heights, crossing it was something unimaginable. For me, it was conquering a fear, it was doing the impossible.

Difficulties vary, but, our future challenges are only relative to those that we have already faced, and, overcoming a challenge will always prepare us for greater ones. The greater the challenge that we accept, try and uttlimately overcome, the more we will believe in and live our potential, and, the more value we will genuinely have for ourselves.

No, the challenges we face are rarely comfortable, but, the majority of them are doable.

It’s true, for many this bridge is just another bridge, but for me, it was a challenge that I needed to face, a challenge I needed to conquer.

Remember, whether it is physical, emotional, or financial, you may not believe that you can achieve your dreams, or, conquer the challenges that you are faced with, but, you will believe it once you look in your rear view mirror and see them getting smaller and smaller.

Today and everyday, live your value one choice at a time and use your value to overcome your fears, to achieve your dreams.



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