It took me years to appreciate that my dad was more than just my dad and a good man. After all, I was busy.

I was busy being a kid, a mischievous teen, a wanna be rock star, a young adult, a husband, a father, and, a doctor turned aspiring author and speaker.

But, now that I am older and have met a multitude of people, it’s very clear, the man that I know as dad is not just a good man, he is a great man.

No, as his children, we never had the big house, the expensive clothes, the nice cars, the ten thousand dollar vacations, the weekends at the country club, or even the best bodies. We didn’t come from the family every knew, or, even from the family that people wanted to know. But, with maturity comes insight, and with that, wisdom and gratitude.

Admittedly, when I was younger, I wanted more. I wanted what I could see, what others could see. Now, there’s not enough money in the world that could repay him for what he has given to me.

My dad gave me my inquisitive mind, my love for philosophy and analysis of behaviors, my core values of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, a desire to help others, to always make an effort to be kind despite the intentions of others’. I have been shown how to always put family first, to always try to be gentle and loving despite living in an older, smaller home, wearing hand me downs, driving the car that no one really wanted, spending weekends at the lake, having the body I have, and to just keep doing the best I can. And, I didn’t even mention what he taught me about home and auto repair and work ethic.

I guess you could say that what my dad has given me is more than I ever expected. He has given me the gift of knowing that being great is defined by who we are and what we are giving and not what we are and what we are receiving. 

Today and everyday, live your value one choice at a time. Remember, this world would not be the same without you in it.



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